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the whole incident to the king of that place, and said : " We did
this in order to maintain the honour of our race. You are a
powerful king, and you should make elaborate preparation
(to avenge this insult)."

The ruler of Bhaganagar communicated this information
to the king of Delhi, who, having pondered over the matter
for some time, collected an army and despatched it to Bhaga-
nagar. On reaching its destination, this army joined the forces
of Bhaganagar besides others, and marched against Aliya
Ramaraja, the Sarapati of Anegondi.

Ramaraja gathered together his forces, and began the war
which lasted for six months. As the head of Aliya Ramaraja
was cut off in the war, the troops of the Raya fied in all
directions. Then (the king of Bhagauagar; stationed his garrison
at JLnegondi, and posted officers to garrison (the forts) on all
sides to safeguard the kingdom.

Kaijiyet *f G*tii s JL. J?. 33, pp. 6*8.

Mahamandale^vara Ramarajayya, who was governing the
kingdom at Vijayanagara as the Yuvaraja of Sadasiva Maha-
raya, perished together with the army in battle with the
Deccani Padushahs at Raksasi-Tangadi in the paragaaa of
Henugondi near the confluence of the ilalapahar! with the
Kr$na on S. S. I486, Raktak§i


In this year (£. S. I486 Raktaksi) Aliya Ramaraja fought
a battle at Rakkasi-Tangadi on the bank of the Krsna with the
Deccani Padushahs, and was destroyed with the arm}'. Then
the Mussalmans came to Vijayanagara and mined it. As they
had given some territory to ISadasivaraya, he continued to rule.

». L. JR.

During the reign of Aliya Ram^raja, while Busi R^d^i was
holding the office of Nadu-gavdu, AIM Adstl Shah Fidtuihah of